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NicoleAWilliams Campaign 2018
My Story

A Commitment To Striving For Better

I am Delegate Nicole Williams and I represent Maryland’s 22nd District. In my day job as a real estate attorney, I fight for my clients who are facing difficult issues and looking to make their communities better. In Annapolis, I fight for you.


Growing up, my mom and grandparents taught me that we have a responsibility to be a voice for the unheard.

Mom was a single mom and we lived with my grandparents in DC. I always say that my grandfather was my real father. My grandfather was a bricklayer with just a 6th-grade education. He taught me never to let anyone bully me, how to fight, and that it is always important, to be honest about who you are and what you believe. At the end of the day, the only thing that you have is your word & convictions. 


I first got involved in politics after law school. I was working but I wanted to do something more and give back to my community. Unlike big corporations, Maryland families don’t have a lobbyist pushing for ideas and policies that will help the everyday person get a job, obtain a good quality education, or put food on the table. Too many of our neighbors are working 2-3 jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table every night. They aren't getting ahead, they are trapped in a cycle that can push a person with a job loss or unexpected medical bill into foreclosure.


I come from a lower-middle-class background. We worked hard to save every penny, clip coupons on Sunday, and look for the best deal. I know where we can save and when we need to invest in Maryland families.

I want to help you in Annapolis because I understand your worries. This is my home. And I want an easier way of life for our children. So, I just humbly ask you for your support, so that I may continue to be your voice in Annapolis as your Delegate. 

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