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Rental Assistance and Hispanic Heritage Month

Dear Neighbors and Friends -

The weather is starting to change, and we are entering the fall season. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-present. The Delta Variant is still causing a rise in cases; as your Delegate, I encourage you and your family members to get vaccinated. Now many places will administer the vaccine to those who walk in or have an appointment.

Furthermore, as many of you, Governor Hogan's Eviction Moratorium expired on August 15th of this year. In addition, the CDC's Eviction Stay order was vacated on August 29th as well. As we continue to move into the fall and winter season, many residents will be asked to pay rent or face eviction. Many have you contacted my office regarding your pending evictions. I am working with the county and other activist organizations to help residents reach different rental assistance programs. Please take advantage of the rental assistance programs that are available at the state and county levels. Below, I have listed some resources that citizens can apply for to get some relief.

Lastly, I would like to say Happy Hispanic Heritage month to all the Latinx residents who live in District 22 and Prince George's County. As Prince County continues to grow, the Latinx community actively contributes to our county, state, and country. I encourage you all to take this month to read and discover all of the Latinx community's monumental accomplishments.




Emergency Rental Assistance

Direct rental assistance payments for renters and landlords are available now! If you need COVID rental relief, click here to apply to a program in your area. For additional rental and legal assistance, refer to the Maryland Courts website by clicking here.


Franklin Park at Greenbelt Station

Recently, my office was contacted about the 100+ residents who have pending evictions. I have contacted the county on behalf of those who have applied for the Prince George's County Rental Assistance Program. In addition, I have written a letter to Franklin Park management asking for a stay of eviction for residents who are actively seeking rental assistance. To see my letter on behalf of the Franklin Park residents, click here.


Happy Hispanic Heritage Month

Prince George's County is hosting several different events around the county to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. I encourage all residents to participate in one of the events offered this month.


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