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Delegate Nicole Williams Newsletter - 01/31/2023

Dear Neighbors and Friends -

Recently, Governor Wes Moore released the official budget plan for the Fiscal Year 2024. His main priorities involve extensive investments in education, transportation, government improvements, and mental health awareness. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor are committed to helping students get back on track and close the learning gap they experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They also aim to effectively address the state's mental health crisis through investments in health care reform and rebuilding government infrastructure in Maryland. Last but not least, they aim to improve commutes while decreasing carbon emissions in Maryland through their investments in new transportation projects. Our team supports the Governor's initiatives and is working tirelessly in Annapolis to ensure that these initiatives and more get done as soon as possible.

- Nicole


Legislative Updates

Many hearings are coming up in the following weeks of the legislative session for bills that I am sponsoring. Here is a list of upcoming bill hearings and a summary of each bill.

  • This bill will be heard on Tuesday, January 31st in the Ways and Means Committee

  • Synopsis:

    • Makes voting more accessible for disabled and pregnant individuals by establishing curbside voting as opposed to voting strictly inside

  • This bill will be heard on Wednesday, February 1st in the Judiciary Committee

  • Synopsis:

    • Expands the right to serve on a jury to individuals who have a criminal history and/or individuals who are waiting for a trial for a crime that is punishable for more than one year

  • This bill will be heard on Thursday, February 2nd in the Judiciary Committee

  • Synopsis:

    • States that a child has not been neglected if a parent or guardian has used cannabis

  • This bill will be heard on Tuesday, February 7th in the Judiciary Committee

  • Synopsis:

    • Allows the State's Attorney to request a reduced sentence for someone who is incarcerated if the person meets certain standards


An Ace Marylander, On and Off the Court

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, I had a chance to meet worldwide famous tennis player and proud Marylander Francis Tiafoe at the Maryland State House. For his dedication to his craft, the Prince George's County native was welcomed to the State House by Governor Moore and was presented with a citation from the Maryland Senate and the Maryland House of Delegates. Born and raised in Hyattsville, he grew up learning to play tennis in the JTCC training center in College Park, MD. He worked his way up to win several junior tennis championships and is now the 2nd-best player in the nation and 17th-best player in the world for men's singles only at the age of 25. He is a wonderful example of a District 22 resident who shows us every time he plays that achieving your goals is possible with hard work and consistency.


Article of the Week

Hyattsville's Police Department Chief, Jarod J. Towers, shares his perspective on what it has been like working as the Chief Officer in Hyattsville. He goes into detail about the priorities of the department as they continue to ensure they are working with and for the community of Hyattsville. To learn more, consider reading this article from The Hyattsville Life and Times!


COVID-19 Update

According to the CDC, COVID-19 Community levels are measured as Low, Medium and High. At this time Prince George’s County is measuring at the level of Medium. Older adults (50 years and older), individuals who are immunocompromised or have underlying medical or cardiac conditions should take necessary precautions to stay safe. Please click here to find the closest COVID-19 testing facility near you in Prince George's County.


Heart Healthy District

To bring more awareness for taking care of your health, the Heart Health Foundation is having a free Cardiovascular Screening Day next week all over the state! Scan the QR code or click here to find the nearest screening location.


Housing Resources

If you are currently facing housing or rental concerns due to financial hardship, the organizations listed below can provide some support:

  • Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund offers support mortgage relief, weatherization, housing counseling, and legal services.

  • Housing Counseling Services Inc. offers a variety of MD housing and rental assistance resources including but not limited to housing counseling, foreclosure prevention, utility assistance, and veteran support services

  • 211 Maryland's database can connect you with local programs and resources, call 2-1-1 to speak with an Information and Referral Specialist or visit their website


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