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2021 Delegate Scholarships; COVID Restrictions and the Vaccine

Dear Neighbors and Friends -

Almost two months have passed since the session ended, and my office is still working to be your voice in Annapolis. During the interim, you will see me out in the community knocking doors and listening to your concerns. In addition, I will be attending several legislative session wrap-ups discussing all of the great work my colleagues and I accomplished here in Annapolis. If you, your civic association, or your home owner's association have specific questions or concerns regarding the 2021 Legislative Session, please contact my office at

This past Saturday, I held the second annual scholarship awards ceremony for the Nicole Williams Legislative Scholarship. Twenty students from around the district were awarded $2,400.00 scholarships. A special thank you to my scholarship committee for their hard work and for selecting these stellar candidates. A special thank you to Ms. Theresa Dudley - Vice President elect of MSEA for speaking to these awardees about the importance of education and following their dreams. For inquiries regarding the 2022 - 2023 application process next year, please contact my office.

Over the last few months, many of you have emailed my office regarding the MAGLEV project. I have read all of your messages and understand that many of you have grave concerns regarding this project. I, too, share those same concerns. As many of you may know, Senator Pinsky and I have sponsored legislation (2020 & 2021) to safeguard state funds from being used. In addition, I have sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg regarding the MAGLEV, voicing some of the issues you all have shared with me. Below you will see two letters I have submitted stating my opposition to this project.

As many of you know, Governor Hogan rolled back on many of the state restrictions set in place at the start of the pandemic last year. I highly encourage all of you to get vaccinated if you have not already. Many private and public vaccine clinics are open for walk-ins and scheduled appointments. As we return to "normal," please remember to protect yourself and others. Let's continue washing our hands, wearing our masks (if not already vaccinated), and getting the vaccine. Together, we can beat COVID-19!


Nicole Williams


2021 Delegate Legislative Scholarship

This year, my office awarded 20 deserving students with legislative scholarships for the 2021 - 2022 school year. These students are the best District 22 has to offer. Eliminating the financial hurdle to access higher education is a must as we strive for economic justice and equity.

2021 Delegate Nicole Legislative Scholarship Recipients. Morelys Urbano

George Samu

Justice Westbrook

Anjodi Williams

Erick Rivadeneira

Andy Okhuereigbe

Emmanuel Ogbuji

Elisée Djapa

Ike Obiechina

Nelson Chen

Jessica Rivera

Jason Chen

Lauratu Bah

Philippa Roberts

Hillary Agyemang

Nicole Owotoki

Tamra Simpson

Arianna Wellington

Viola Costen Nicole Okeke



Monday was the deadline to submit the MAGLEV project. I submitted two letters regarding the project. To read my official statement in opposition to the MAGLEV, click here. The second letter is a joint letter I co-authored with Delegate Jared Solomon (Montgomery County - District 18) on behalf of the Sierra Club. The letter asks a series of questions regarding discrepancies within the environmental impact report. To read the letter, click here.


Around the County

COVID - 19 Restrictions Lifted As of May 15th, Governor Hogan dramatically lifted COVID-19 across the state, aligning Maryland with the new CDC guidelines. Marylanders who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks indoors or outdoors. However, private businesses and workplaces are free to put in place their policies or guidance. Local jurisdictions are free to use their emergency powers on these matters. Indoor and outdoor venues may resume normal operations. All remaining capacity restrictions will be lifted on all indoor entertainment venues and conventions and outdoor entertainment, art, and sports venues, including all ticketed events. Restaurants and bars may resume normal operations as well with all of the remaining capacity restrictions. As of Monday, May 17, 2021, all indoor and outdoor venues in Prince George's County resumed normal operations. Face masks are no longer required for indoor venues as of today, Friday, May 28th but they will still be required on public transportation, in schools and in child care and health care settings. COVID -19 Vaccine Right now in Prince George's County, Maryland and across the entire country, all individuals age 12 and up are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Sign-up to get you or a loved one vaccinated today! To sign-up, click here.


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